Contemporary photography, collage, street artists
PARIS 2017
A geotag-based street art project
LOVE RIEN is my 4th geo tag based art project in Paris in June 2017. It contains 91 locations and based on a typical Parisian saying: "I love rien i'm parisien" (I love nothing – I am Parisian). I interpreted it my way: no matter how beautiful and interesting a place where you live is, you can get used to it so much – you would stop noticing it's beauty. To really appreciate something you need something to compare it with or just take a pause and experience something new, different. That's how you can enjoy what you have with a new intensity. Friends, let's stop living routine lives, let's explore and reinvent, let's keep our eyes and heart open. Let's always be tourists in our life. I mean tourists in a good way
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